Find Drupal jobs the easy way

  • Posted on: 24 June 2013
  • By: Antti

Being a freelancer can be tough when it comes to keeping a steady flow of work. If you're lucky the clients come to you but if you aren't that well known you have to actively seek new work. Recently I found myself "in between projects" and went on to find new clients.

Scattered and lost

I've been most comfortable with creating Drupal sites for the past years so I thought I'd mainly look for projects that required that sort of expertise. It didn't take long before I found myself browsing the same job sites every day trying to see if anything new had come up.

To be honest that didn't even last a day. I got bored and thought there's surely a better way for me to keep track of these new opportunities. Sure, most sites offer some sort of "alert emails" or you could keep an eye on their RSS feeds but that still sounded like too much work. The latter part gave me an idea however and got me into creating my own little customised jobs page.

Lost but found

The implementation part was rather straightforward thanks to the great tools available. I used SimplePie and fiddled around for a day or so to end up with Drupal Stint. Drupal Stint simply grabs specific Drupal feeds from job sites and displays them nicely on a single webpage.

Did my little project help me land new clients? Not yet, but at least the searching part isn't as painful anymore!

Drupal Stint