Moving on from Google Reader in 2 Simple Steps

  • Posted on: 22 March 2013
  • By: Antti

So Google announced that they are shutting down their popular (well, not according to them) Google Reader service and there's been something of a backslash ever since.  I'm not an avid user of the service but I did use it from time to time and found it a simple and effective way to keep track of the blogosphere. The question on everyone's mind is now what will happen to all my feeds? Change is sometimes scary especially when used to something for a long time. However I took a few seconds (quite literally) to try an alternative service and found it instantly amazing.

Step 1. Install the service

There's been a few Google Reader alternatives circling around ever since the news and one of the most praised one has been Feedly. Others include The Old Reader and NewsBlur. I jumped on the Feedly bandwagon to give it a try and I'm so glad I did.


Feedly offers a few options to read your feeds from including your favorite web browser. The website automatically detects your browser and offers to install the extension to e.g. Chrome or Firefox. Install the extension and restart your browser.

Step 2. Import your feeds

The next step is getting your Google Reader feeds imported to Feedly. This couldn't be done any easier. In Chrome I was introduced with the following screen to Connect to Google Reader. In Firefox there was no such screen but I found a similar link elsewhere in the UI. Simply enter your Google account details (unless you're logged in already) and your feeds are synced in an instant.

Feedly connect

(Step 3.) Enjoy

The Feedly UI is simple and slick at the same time. Will I miss Google Reader now that I found a great alternative? Not one bit. On the internet we should be used to services coming and going. Google is no different and has discontinued many services in the past. Sometimes something good dies and isn't replaced. Often though new and better services emerge and you wonder what the big deal was with the old one anyway.

Feedly user dashboard

Feedly user dashboard list view