About me

In a few words

Antti Vaihia

My name is Antti and I'm a 36-year old web designer. I create websites for a living from the safety of my home.

I was born and raised in Finland, the best country in the world (well, according to some metrics anyway). In 2007 I moved to Melbourne, 2012 to Gold Coast and at the start of 2014 I've called Perth my home.

Apart from sitting in front of the computer I like to keep fit at the gym, play squash, soccer and the occasional round of golf. But seriously though, I love the internets.

How I got into web design

I first ventured into the world of HTML in the mid-90's. You know, the time these sort of websites were all the rage. At the time I was too busy living the teenage life to do anything useful with it though. The interest for websites came back when working on my bachelor's degree in information technology. Creating websites was fun for me. What if I could turn that into a living, I thought.

In the final year of studies I began work on a dating site, Treffisivu. I was eager to put all the knowledge I've learned into use and give future employers a concrete display of my skills. On hindsight it was an enormously ambitious first project but I did learn heaps while doing it.

After graduation I decided to go explore, to leave the cold Finnish winter behind and go travel. That decision brought me to the other side of the world to Australia. I had no intention of living the backpacker life but to seek a job in web design. Sure enough, finding a job in a competitive field as an immigrant fresh graduate was challenging. After 2 months of job hunting I landed a graduate web designer position at Infoxchange Australia, chosen from roughly 300 applicants.

Fast forward 4 years and here I am. The years include pulling my hair over visa issues, falling in and out of love, enjoying what Australia has to offer and honing my web skills like a master craftsman. I've also put up another site, ilmaistavaraa.com, a blogging service that reports free stuff you can order from the web.

On 2011 I've finally stepped up and launched my personal site to promote what I do and gather more freelance work. The dream of working for myself one day has been strong all these years. That dream is shaping up to something tangible and the future has never looked so exciting.

Curriculum Vitae

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